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How to Find your Motivation

February 16, 2018

         The most difficult part of working out is finding the motivation to do so. Some people have the willpower to simply force themselves up off the couch, but for the rest of us... it's not quite that easy. What is your motivation? If you find it difficult to answer that question or if you make up excuses for your lack of enthusiasm in the gym, then consider these three easy steps.


Step 1:

        Don't set yourself up for failure. This one might be a little obvious for some of you, but it really does have a large impact on your workout routine. It's easy to find motivation when you first decide to start working out. Everyone gets excited about the idea of feeling good and looking good and as a result, people tend to set some pretty mighty goals and rules to help themselves reach their ideal body image. But what happens when you don't reach those goals or follow those rules? Well, the majority of us give up and head back to the couch.

        An easy solution to this problem is to set slightly smaller goals. Instead of promising yourself an hour workout five days a week, try doing a half an hour workout three times a week. Or whatever suits you best. If you intentionally underestimate yourself (as awful as that sounds), you will be so proud of yourself when you exceed those expectations and it will be that much easier to continue your routine.



Step 2:

       Another way to trick yourself into keeping your commitment is to promise yourself a reward at the end. I know it sounds a little bit like training a dog or bribing a child, but it really does work. Whether your reward is a healthy smoothie, a plate of tacos, or going out with friends, giving yourself something to look forward to makes it easier to push through and finish strong. So treat yourself!


Step 3:

       One of the best ways to maintain your motivation is to find a workout partner. Having a friend to complain to when your muscles are screaming or just someone to talk to while you're going through your routine, makes everything more bearable. A workout partner also makes you more likely to actually show up. The hardest part of working out is simply showing up to the gym and making the time to do so; if you have someone relying on you to go, you're less likely to find a reason not to. Gym buddies should be encouraging and hold similar goals to yours. It's important that your partner is someone you enjoy being around and feel comfortable with (they're supposed to make things tolerable, not awkward).

       Patagonia Health and Fitness is now offering a Workout Partner Program where you send us your information and we will find you a workout partner. To sign up for this program, please visit our home page on our website: https://patagoniahandf.com/


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